Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
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Rebel Designs
LED Lighting Solutions for Marine Applications


All of our marine lighting products feature state-of-the-art light emitting diode (LED) technology, ensuring longevity (over 35,000 hours of operation), reliability, and efficiency.
The exceptionally low electrical power requirement of our LED technology reduces battery drainage, allowing the light to remain on for a longer period of time, even with the boat’s engines off. 
Abyss Technology is an original equipment supplier to several major brand name boat builders and has built a reputation for quality, reliability, value, and excellent service.

A few styles that Abyss Technology offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - S600, S800, L800, S1800, S1206, S1515, S1560
Exterior - M500, M400, M300, D1000
Interior - M600, M300

For more than 100 years, Attwood has been the unquestioned award-winning leader in design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry. Attwood was founded in 1893 by Charles F. Attwood as Attwood Brass Works, making parts for carriages and hearses.

A few styles that Attwood Marine offers are:
Navigation - Red & Green Bow Lights, Red & Green Pole Sidelights
Underwater Surface Mount - 5 inch series & 3 inch series
Docking Lights - One series
Interior & Exterior
Mini Led Button Style Lights
LED Livewell and Bulkhead Lights

Since 2005, the Gold Coast based company has taken the world of underwater lighting by storm. In this short time, Aqualuma and their range of underwater lights have quickly became famous for being the best in the business, with many of the world’s top motoryachts, superyachts, sportsfishers and marinas being illuminated by Aqualuma. 
Aqualuma’s cutting-edge and high quality products use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, where light is not just solely for illumination, but also used to create a scene which will be long remembered. Aqualuma doesn’t just make lights; their products create memories.

A few styles that Aqualuma offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - 1 series, 3 series, 6 series, Tri Color Series, Trim Tab Lights
Underwater Surface Mount
Dock & Marina Lighting
Trailer Lights
Underwater Camera - Luma-Vu

Aqua Lights™ is America's Premiere manufacturer of underwater lights for marine use with production facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA   We also feature the best LED lights produced in America!
We are family owned and operated and provide exceptional customer service, affordable pricing and high-caliber products to customers around the globe.   Our goal at Aqua Lights™ is simple -- to deliver a superior marine underwater lighting product to our clients that changes and enhances the illumination of the aquatic world beneath.

A few styles that Aqua Lights offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - AL100L, AL60L, AL9MC, AL24L,
Underwater Surface Mount - AL6L, AL12L, AL18L
Trim Tab Mount - AL75TT

Development for our underwater boat lights started before any other manufacturer even had a concept laid out for their LED underwater light design.  Years of research, development, and real-world testing have resulted in a fully engineered product that provides the greatest light output, in radiant colors, with the longest life span and Zero-Cost maintenance.

A few styles that Boat Lights USA offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - R4000, R3500
Accent Lights - RA120, RA180, RA240

Not much on this company but they do have a small site. They appear to offer a solution for Trim-Tab mounted LED Lights.

A few styles that Brown Industries offers are:
Trim Tab Mounted - 3 Watt, 20 Watt

Cantalupi Lighting is an Italian company which projects and manufactures both lighting fixtures and lighting control systems for the marine industry. We fully integrate the entire production cycle from design to manufacturing to the quality control.
Cantalupi Lighting as well as Cantalupi USA are part of the Cantalupi Group Viareggio, which also includes both Cantalupi Electric Systems and Cantalupi Electronics. By using the group our both R&D Team and Lighting Consultants provide clients with a service of lighting architectural consulting and products which are the perfect balance between technology and design.
Service and international presence are granted by Cantalupi USA and a worldwide distributors’ network.

A few styles that The Cantalupi Group offers are:
LED Master Line
Varilight RGB
LED Strip Lights
Underwater LED Lights

This is a small owner-operated, web-based company. I don't have an office phone number because if I were answering phones all day I wouldn't be able to fill orders. I do however check my email multiple times a day and I usually respond to all emails within a few hours Mon-Fri 8am-10pm. I do check the email on the weekends but usually late at night because I am on my boat almost every weekend. When you send an email to CoastalNightLights you will be corresponding directly with me, the guy that takes the orders, makes the lights and packs the orders.

A few styles that Coastal Night Lights offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - Single, Double Square, Double Long
LED Strip Lights
LED Spreader Lights

In 2003 we began designing the Thru-Hull SeaLite® line of underwater boat lights. Since we have begun manufacturing and shipping the Thru-Hull SeaLite®, it has been recognized as the best engineered underwater boat light, providing a unique combination of high performance and maximum durability.  The Thru-Hull SeaLite® product line has expanded to include a family of underwater LED lights for boats that provide amazing light output and special strobing and dimming features. Our underwater LED lights even include a powerful surface mount underwater boat light, the On-Hull SeaLite®.

A few styles that DeepSee Poer & Light offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - 18 LED, Mini LED
Underwater Surface Mount - 12 LED On-Hull SeaLite®

Deep Glow Technologies was founded in 2006 in St Petersburg, Florida.  Our design team drew from years of experience in underwater lighting and other marine-related businesses with the intention to build the finest light available.  The company invested heavily in research and product design, spending over a year rigorously testing prototypes before going to market with the current design. Deep Glow has emerged as the premier manufacturer of next generation, durable, innovative underwater lighting systems. The company is addressing the growing demand for quality lighting products for use at residential and commercial waterfront properties internationally, including primary and secondary homes, hotels, restaurants, yacht clubs, parks, zoos, and entertainment venues.

A few styles that Deep Glow offers are:
Dock & Marina Lighting

The company ASTEL d.o.o. was established in 1991 and has been one of the leading European manufacturers of video surveillance equipment for over a decade. Experience in the field of security systems led to the development and production of electronic marine equipment that provides a high level of safety and dependability of operation. The ASTEL MARINE brand name was launched in 2004 and very soon it has became one of leading brand name in marine industry.

A few styles that Astel Marine offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - CONVEX SERIES - MTH0680 & MTH18240, PLAQUE SERIES - MFM0680 & MFM18240
Underwater Surface Mount - EQUATOR SERIES - MSR0640, MSR1280 & MSR36240, CONUS SERIES - MST0680, MST18240, MSR0680 & MSR18240A3, CONVEX SERIES - MST0680, MST18240, MSR0680 & MSR18240
Interior Lighting - INTENSA and ARCUS series lights

Not much on this light however a search on the internet will produce company's that sell their product.

A few styles that FishGlow offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - 18 LED Surface Mount

H2o Lights offer features that no other Underwater LED light can match. We are the only manufacturer of high output LED lights that provides a microprocessor controlled Smartsense™ circuit to not only protect your lights but equally important, your battery. Each light has a three hour shut off timer, overheat sensor (in case inadvertently left on out of water), and an exclusive Low Voltage shutdown (protects battery from being drained beyond engine cranking ability). 

A few styles that Imtra H2O Lights offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - 6, 8 and 12 LED round

Imtra Corporation is the leader in marine systems.  Our focus on customer service, product development and quality products is what sets us apart.  We support our customers by offering them the highest quality marine products which we source, prepare, deliver, and support with inventory, sales, engineering services and warranty coverage.  With more than 50 years experience, Imtra has become the known reliable supplier to builders, repair yards, retailers, naval architects, as well as private yacht and vessel owners.

A few styles that Imtra Marine Products offers are:
LED Livewell Lights
Many LED Interior and Exterior Options

Lumishore’s values are embedded in a commitment to providing customers with underwater LED lighting solutions and service at a price they can afford.
The team combines leading edge LED lighting expertise with a passion for water and the marine environment in particular.
The Lumishore engineering lighting team is committed to LED lighting and have, for over ten years, been committed to the design, development and manufacture of the brightest, best and most advanced products available in any sector. It is this LED expertise that is uniquely available in the Lumishore products.

A few styles that Lumishore offers are:
Ourdrive Mount - x18 SS, x36 SS, x90 SS
Underwater Thru Hull - x18, x36, x72, x120
Dock & Marina Lighting
Drain Plug LED Light

The story of Edison and his light bulb is well known to all. The fundamental concepts attributed to Edison have been the platform for virtually all lighting for more than 100 years, from the ubiquitous tungsten filament bulb to sophisticated high intensity discharge lamps.
However, today's rapid pace of LED development suggests that the way we think of lighting is about to change profoundly. These changes create new opportunities and new challenges. Lumitec is a company that was conceived and designed to overcome these challenges and leverage these opportunities. Our team, the tools we use, even our physical work environment was carefully crafted to enable us to offer boat builders the most usable, durable, attractive lights on the market.

A few styles that Lumitec Lighting offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - SeaBlaze 3, SeaBlaze 2
Interior and Exterior - LED Down Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Task/Cockpit Lights
Other styles also avaliable

Not much information on these either but you can get them from Bakes.

Malibu offers:
Underwater Surface Mount - OEM 6 LED

Nigel Savage has been at the forefront of marine lighting for the past 25 years. OceanLED represents his continued ambition of marine lighting perfection. Over the past 5 years Nigel and the OceanLED team have created the world's most advanced underwater lighting systems for all sizes of boats; from 3 meter RIBS to the largest super yachts. Continuing projects at Feadship, Oceanco, Christensen and Blohm & Voss, amongst others, are a testament to OceanLED's advanced technical achievements, industry recognition and constant pursuit of excellence in the field of marine lighting.

A few styles that Ocean LED offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - 1520, 2010, 3010, 4010 Super Nova, 1520FS-B, Hybrid 30i, Hybrid 60i
Underwater Surface Mount - Amphibian A3, A6, A12, A12 PRO
SuperYacht (upto cruise ship size) - F-1, Puck Light, L-1
Interior Lighting - LIET
Dock & Marina Lighting - D6, D12
Underwater Camera - Ocean EYES

Ocean-Lites Underwater Lights are designed to surface mount to the transom of the boat with minimal effort. Requiring only a 5/16 diameter thru-hole for cable routing and four 1/8" mounting holes. The housings are made from a polymer used in harsh undersea environments, providing a durable, tough, non corrosive product.

A few styles that Ocean LED offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - 9WHB, 9BHB, 9GHB

Perko , Inc. is a privately owned, fourth generation family corporation. Founded as Perkins Marine Lamp in the late 1800's, the original product line consisted of hand formed and soldered navigation lights, ventilators and chart cases fabricated from brass, copper and galvanized steel. One hundred years later, we still produce a variety of similar products with individual attention to detail, but as a result of our commitment to quality and responsiveness to the changing needs of our customers, we have expanded into a variety of other modern manufacturing processes and materials.

A few styles that Perko Inc offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull
Underwater Surface Mount
Underwater Trim Tab Mount
Interior and Exterior Lights
Spreader Lights

Rebel Designs starts all of it's designs with award winning LUXEON Rebel LEDs and thermal sensing chips to protect the LEDs, we also have a standard dimming circuit built into each light we produce that is controllable by PWM.The lens designs was thought up and designed by Jared as well using advanced 3D lens modeling software and then transferred over to the 3D CAD software to be incorporated into the light's design. By doing this Rebel Designs is able to cut the footprint down to half the size of what is widely being used in the market today.

A few styles that Rebel Designs offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - Currently working on 3 designs for a thru hull configuration
Underwater Surface Mount - AR12, the AR18 is in it's test phase and the AR24 is in the R&D phase
Dock & Marina Lighting - All Surface Mount Lighs in the Aqua Rebel series will be configurable for Dock Lighting
Underwater Camera - Keep your eye out for this as it's going to be a first of it's kind

Developed a series of ultra bright Water and Ignition proof strip lights Ideal for engine, pump, and bilge areas. The new high output lights will offer the same high quality as all SeaMaster products. They offer the lights in White or Blue in 10 and 20 inch sizes.

SeaMaster Lights offers:
LED Strip Lighting

Underwater Lights USA manufactures and distributes a proven line of lighting products under the Sea Vision and Deck Vision brands. The business which first started in 2000 in Fort Lauderdale has expanded worldwide and now sells thousands of lights annually to a diverse range of customers. With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Antibes and distributors worldwide our noted reputation for quality and service is assured.

A few styles that Sea Vision offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - SV43, SV42
Underwater Surface Mount - SV43, SV42, SV44
Trim Tab Mount - SV44
Dock & Marina Lighting - DV44
Underwater Camera - SV27

The founders of Shadow-Caster are inspired by the desire to deliver high performance, high reliability, and high value products to the marketplace. We are true engineers that believe that integrity of design and quality of manufacturing are amongst the highest priorities for a successful product. Our backgrounds come together to form a synergy of design elements. This combined with our love for boating has created Shadow-Caster.

A few styles that Shadow Caster offers are:
Underwater Surface Mount - SCM-4, SCM-6, SCM-10V2

Underwater Lights™ Limited have been using the high wattage LEDs for a number of years and we now feel the new LEDs are more relaible and fit for purpose.
We have been testing the new single 50 watt LED chip and it is planned to be used in the underwater and deck light range.
The LED has one unique feature. The beam spread is nearly 180 degrees. Place the UL Ti MATE 84 in the hull bottom fore and aft and it will illuminate the ocean all round for safe night navigation in shallow water. The perfect light for cameras.
The 21 watt multi LED was originally designed for the Underwater Lights™. It has been adapted for our deck lights and is a popular alternative to the halogen lamp. Its high colour temperature (8000K) makes it look more powerfull underwater than the halogen.
All high wattage LEDs require drivers to control them. We design and manufacture all of our drivers. The UL Ti MATE LC-S6 control can be used for RGB and normal leds.

A few styles that Underwater Lights Limited offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - UL Ti MATE 80, UL Ti MATE 130 SA, UL Ti MATE 75 SA, UL Ti MATE 75 Fixed
Interior & Exterior Lighting - S40154, S40520, S40201, S40211, S40252

Watts Up Technologies is the direct designer and manufacture of underwater LED boat lights and other LED products, we focus on quality, reliability, value, and excellent service.
Whether you're looking to attract fish or improve nighttime ambiance, our underwater lights offer the best value in the industry.

A few styles that Watts Up Tech offers are:
Underwater Thru Hull - N-1000
Underwater Surface Mount - S-900, B-1000