Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
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Aqua Rebel 12 FAQ
1. Can I run with my Rebel Design Underwater Lights on?

All of Rebel Design lights are built with a thermal sensing chip installed on the boards which monitor the LEDs Internal temperature. By doing this we are protecting the LEDs from reaching their thermal junction temperature which can shorten the life expectancy of the LEDs.
2. Why should we use LEDs?

LEDs consume 75 to 90% less energy than standard lights.
LONG LIFE: The typical life of an LED is 100,000 hours or nearly 11 ½ years of continuous use, making LED ideal for installation in locations that are difficult to access.
RELIABILITY: An LED is encased in virtually unbreakable high strength resin. There is no glass or filament to break making LED perfect for environments where temperature extremes, shock and vibration occur.
ECONOMIC: Despite their initial price, the use of LED lighting can offer significant savings in the long term, particularly in terms of reduced energy and maintenance costs. When compared to standard lamps, LEDs will pay for themselves many times over in energy savings alone.
SAFETY AND SECURITY: LEDs produce little or no heat and operate at low voltages making them a far safer source of light. No glass to break and no hot filaments.
NO POWER SURGE ON STARTUP: Unlike traditional bulb underwater lighting, LEDs do not require additional power to get them started.
3. How do I clean the lens?

If the lights are in the water
a couple strokes with a soft bristle brush will remove any growth that has attached itself to the lights.
If the lights are out of the water soak the lights with soapy water in a spray bottle or and let sit for a couple minutes to loosen the growth, then use a soft bristle brush to remove the growth.
If dirt is present on the light we do not recommend scrubbing on the lights as this may damage the lens. We suggest you remove dirt with a high pressure hose to remove the dirt and then clean as if out of the water.
4. How long do your lights last?

Our vendor claims that we will get 40,000+ hours of constant use from our LEDs provided we maintain the correct thermal junction temperature which is controlled by our onboard circuitry.
Typical life expectancy of bulbs are as follows:
Halogen = approx.500 - 1000 hours
Xenon = approx. 1000 - 3000 hours
HID = approx. 3000 - 5000 hours
5. What sealant should I use to mount my surface mount lights underwater?

Rebel Designs recommends using 3M 4200 as the sealant of choice, however 3M 5200 or equal sealant can be used at the owners discretion.
6. Do I need a DC power source?

Yes at this time all of the lights manufactured by Rebel Designs is designed to operate on DC voltage..
7. How far does the Aqua Rebel 12 shine in an underwater application?

Clear water conditions:
Approximately 50+ feet.
Murky water conditions: Approximately 25 feet.
8. Does the strobe feature shorten the life of my Rebel Design lights?

No, since LEDs are solid state they are not affected by strobing them. You can turn them on and off as often as you like with no ill effect to the lights.
9. What happens if your lights overheat?

If the lights come close to their thermal junction temperature the internal circuit will dim the lights to reduce heat inside the housing. If dimming the lights does not resolve the heat issue the lights will shut down and cycle back on when the heat has been dissipated.
10. Are your lights reverse polarity protected?

Yes, all lights have reverse polarity protection. Red is positive, black is negative and blue is the enable circuit.
11. Do you include an inline fuse?

No, we are not including an inline fuse as some may want to run the wiring through their existing power panel.
12. What size fuse do I need to put on my lights?

Your installation manual will cover this.
13. Can I install the lights myself?

Rebel design lights are very easy to install and only require a minimal amount of tooling. Anyone can do it if they follow the instructions provided in the install manual.
14. What depth do you recommend I install the lights under the water?

Aqua Rebel 12's: 4-8" below the waterline.
15. Are your lights safe to use out of water?

Yes, Rebel Designs incorporates a thermal circuit into each light that will shut the light off if the thermal junction temperature reaches too high a temperature. Our testing has yet to have a light shut off due to a high junction temperature within the light however you may notice it dimming the light. At the point that the circuit can not control the temperature in the fixture you will notice groups of 3-4 LED's shutting off and turning back on.
16. Are the lights 100% water tight?

Yes, all of the lights Rebel Designs manufactures are 100% water tight and are able to be operated underwater.
17. Do I have to wait for the lights to reach 100% of their brightness?

No, Unlike traditional high powered lights which can take up to 2 minutes to reach full brightness, Rebel Design lights are instantly at full brightness with no power surges.
18. Do I have to drill holes into my hull for your surface mount lights?

Our Aqua Rebel Line requires that you drill a 5/16" hole in your hull to run the hookup wires.
19. How many lights do should I get?

That depends on size of the vessel and desired final lighting effect you want to achieve.
20. What color lights should I get?

Blue and green light have shorter wavelengths than white light, and are able can penetrate through the water more efficiently.
We recommend Blue and White for saltwater and Green for freshwater. However it depends on the effect you are looking for as well as the application.
21. What is your warranty period?

Rebel Designs products are covered under a 2 year any reason warranty. You may read our warranty statement for full details.