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Rebel Designs

Jared Schroeder founded Rebel Designs in 2010, the USA based company is focused on the LED lighting industry for marine applications, and is producing some of the most advanced lighting circuits available to the market.

Rebel Designs starts all of it's designs with award winning LUXEON Rebel LEDs and thermal sensing chips to protect the LEDs, we also have a standard dimming circuit built into each light we produce that is controllable by PWM. The lens designs was thought up and designed by Jared as well using advanced 3D lens modeling software and then transferred over to the 3D CAD software to be incorporated into the light's design. By doing this Rebel Designs is able to cut the footprint down to half the size of what is widely being used in the market today.

Our first light the Aqua Rebel 12 produces an amazing 5,600 LUMENS when used in underwater applications.

We are proud of what we produce and believe that you will be also that is why we offer what we feel is an industry's first warranty. We are going to stand behind our lights for almost any reason because we trust that you will be as proud of them and treat them the same way we would.

Rebel Designs is founded on honesty and openness. Not only is our pricing plan simple, we admit our mistakes. We complement other manufacturers of LED lighting solutions. We look forward to your feedback. We constantly improve -- so check back soon.

Thanks for choosing Rebel Designs and we look forward to producing quality LED products for you to light the way.

Jared Schroeder
Rebel Designs





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