Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights
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Micro Rebel RGB LED Controller Kits!
The Micro Rebel RGB Gunnel LED Kit contain everything that is needed to illuminate the underside of your gunnels.

rgb led controller for led strips

Tools and Supplies
We have added a ratcheting crimping tool and electrical supplies to the products page. Watertight/Waterproof connectors in butt, ring and spade terminals.

tools and crimps

Micro Rebel RGB LED Controller!
R&D for the Micro Rebel RGB LED Controller and now have it available on our products page for lighting your under gunnels/gunwales.

rgb led controller

New product coming soon!
I have been designing a controller for RGB Flexible strips. The controller will be able to change colors as well as dim. The lights can be used for lighting your under gunnels, T-Tops or wherever else you feel needs a little or a lot of light.
Keep an eye on the products and gallery pages for the release!

You can now order your Rebel Design Lights ONLINE!
Rebel Designs website is now up and running and able to process orders online. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me from the contact page.


Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights

Aqua Rebel 12

Anything but girlish and giddy, these underwater led boat lights are leading the way for price, looks, light output and compact size! The Aqua Rebel 12 measures in at only 4.19"L 2.36"W and .67"H with a whopping 5,680 lumens when used in underwater applications.

The Aqua Rebel 12's start

I have had several years involved in LED technology and I was looking for some underwater lights for our jet skis and Sundowner 225. After looking around the options just didn't fit my application so I set out to design a light that offered the brightness I desired as well as compact size and looks.

After extensive searches I just wasn't able to find what I was looking for and having a good background in circuit design and CAD I decided I could design what I was looking for.

What you see today is what I have come up with for my entry level lights and have several other designs on the horizon.

Integrating Sphere

integrating sphere

Rebel Designs now has an integrating sphere to measure total fixture lumen output. The sphere has yet to be calibrated but it will do a great job of providing us with comparison measurements of the Aqua Rebel 12 against other lights.



Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights

Rebel Designs has the ability to get new products from an idea on paper into a working prototype in less than 30 days. We have several models and accessories which we are currently looking at and testing before we release them to the public. Please check back frequently for updates.

BIG time lumens!
Lumen testing results are showing 5,680 lumens when used underwater on our Blue Aqua Rebel 12's. My tests are not 100% as it's difficult to get lumen readings with a non waterproof light meter. However 5,680 lumens how I did it seems a little on the conservative side.

Rebel Designs Underwater LED Boat Lights